Hotel offers new staff weird perks if they pass six months of probation - and people think that's a great idea

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

From vacation plans to insurance plans, companies across the globe use diverse strategies to attract the best employees and strengthen their workforce.

Ruby Hotels is praised for its inventiveness in allowing new employees to spend up to £421 on a new tattoo, piercing or haircut when they get on probation.

Ruby Hotels started its unconventional program in June, and efforts appeared to be bearing fruit.

Uta Scheurer, Ruby's VP for HR, described the lack of staff in the hotel industry in Europe as a "satisfactory result"

Scheurer, who also has several tattoos, pointed out that Ruby's tends to cater to people with personalities and to try to communicate it through free tattoos.

She's got tattoos herself and explained the way she frequently uses people's ink, piercings and tattoos to express themselves.

Scheurer emphasized the importance of tattoos or piercings, saying they are deeply personal and "different for everyone, emotional for everyone"