IHG Hotels & Resorts signs first ever vignette collection in Britain

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Dark/Light Mode (24/04/23/04/24/04/23) IHG has signed an agreement to open its first Vignette Collection Hotel in the United Kingdom

"I'm so excited to be opening the first Vignette Collection hotel in the UK," - Ross Morrow

Vignette Collection is the primary brand brand of IHG Hotels & Resorts and a unique property family in coveted cities and resorts where guests can indulge in a growing passion for authentic, experience driven, thoughtful stays.

Liverpool continues to grow as a destination of national and international interest for travellers as the UK Government's Levelling Up Fund invests in major cities and towns in all nations.

"We're thrilled that the first Vignette Collection hotel in the UK will be opening in Liverpool this year," - Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor.

The Halyard at Ropewalks Liverpool, Vignette Collection opens later this year as part of a franchise deal with Molo Hotels and is operated by Lighthouse Hotel Management.

The signing of The Halyard at Ropewalks Liverpool, Vignette Collection will create 71 jobs and will help boost the local economy while patrons will explore and spend money in local businesses.

Rising presence of international events such as Eurovision 2023, together with the growing demand for travel stays in the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the pandemic, have made destinations such as Liverpool ever more popular for leisure and business travellers


Tourism represents 1 in 10 jobs in the United Kingdom and IHG's impressive growth is geared towards driving economic and social change through skill development and innovation.