Inside one of Britain's spookiest holiday cottages

Monday, March 21, 2022

Guests staying in one of Britain's most ghostly cottages can sleep with axes superimposed over their heads for the princely sum of £1.000 a night.

Plane Castle in Stirling, which has a completely unique charm, is also adorned by Royal dignitaries such as Mary, Queen of Scotland and Prince Charles.

The castle is also a favourite venue for wedding reservations, with large gardens including ponds and a rowing boat.

The castle, situated in the countryside, is divided into two buildings to rent out individually or together.

Actor Rick Carr has uploaded a ghoulish picture of his single bed - with two axes dangling over his head.

The idea was that we don 'going to have nightmares Late last year the plucky Brits received a list of haunted destinations in UK that are easy to reach by car.

The castle is described in terms of the Internet as a magic yet welcoming and comfortable holiday home.