Just Eat Ultimatum

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Just Eat have given an ultimatum to restaurants that have a zero hygiene rating, threatening to remove any restaurants and takeaways with poor hygiene practices following an investigation in October that discovered a myriad of outlets with zero-ratings on the app.  Outlets will be able to trade from the app until the first of May 2019.

The ratings found establishments with a score of zero in London, Bristol and Manchester from the app; meaning that the particular outlets need to urgently improve their ratings and hygiene when handling food, the condition of the operational sites and the management, including the documented procedures of these improvements.  Just Eat undertook a review that led to a £1m programme, announced earlier this month (February 2019) to work with any restaurant on the app that has an officials zero, one or two rating to help them improve their scores and continue to trade with the delivery organisation.

The deadline to improve is the beginning of May, facing an immediate removal if there is failure to make changes.