Kenny Atkinson reveals bid to become 'national chef of the year' 2023

Monday, March 27, 2023

The Craft Guild of Chefs has started its mission of finding the next talented chef to join the footsteps of the current National Chef of the Year, Ben Murphy.

Award-winning chef and award-winner of the Great Cooks Guild Cooking Competition, Mr Yakuyama said he wanted to see cooking skills combined with sustainable, local, global produce to show "an exceptional knowledge of the ingredients."

A starter may be a fish, a seafood or vegetarian meal that concentrates primarily on zero waste

The final chocolate-based dessert must also contain a savory aspect that can be a vegetable or plant derivate intended for "balancing 'and" marrying' the dessert.

For the final dish, the judges go through with chocolate, with the contestants having to make a warm or cold treat.

Organizer of the competition, David Mulcahy, director of food innovation and sustainable development at Sodexo UK and Ireland added: "Each year, when planning the brief, we try and address the key challenges or big issues that are affecting the hospitality industry.

Food waste, sustainability and money saving are so important for chefs to think about as the world tries to find new ways to overcome the current financial crisis."

The choice of the original cuts and secondary cuts rests with the current National Master Chef of the Year for these seasons, Ben Murphy, but the dish must utilize ingredients, techniques and cooking styles that make the most out of this essential ingredient.