Liverpool expecting £40m Eurovision boost in visitors' spending

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Liverpool could be expected to receive £40million when tens of thousands of Eurovision music fans flock to the town next week to celebrate the annual song contest

The village is being constructed and the atmosphere at Pier Head is distinctly Ukrainian.

Liverpool to host Glasgow after last year's champion Ukraine could not stage the iconic event amid Russia's invasion is awaiting the onslaught of attendees.

About 24 installations are intended as reflecting this connection, 19 of which are from Ukrainian artists.

Malcolm Buchanan, the NatWest North Regional Board chief executive, said: 'While the contest is coming to Liverpool because of awful global events, it is certain the city will put on a fantastic show that does the UK proud as custodians of Eurovision on behalf of


Simone Chua, of art group Amigos & Amigos, becomes a member of the collective.

"fantastic that the city will benefit from the increase in visitors and spending that an event like this brings" - Malcolm Buchanan

NatWest calculates that overseas visitors will spent about £28 million, while UK visitors will spend about £12 million in the city on hotels, hotels and entertainment.

Hopefully this song contest will act both as a short-term economic boost and as a catalyst for further long-run growth for the city economy.