Marcus Rashford and chef Tom Kerridge join forces for cooking tutorials on a budget

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The memory of suffering from hunger as a child has inspired Marcus Rashford's recent campaign to end food poverty, the footballer admitted.

Rashford, who pushed for changes that would address paediatric nutrition poverty during the Coronavirus pandemic and forced a government U-turn on free school meals last year, will be making a contribution to providing gastronomy education online, along with the celebrity chef and other notable figures.

This Sunday his latest campaign, called Full Time: Get Cooking With Marcus And Tom, marks the beginning of a government-sponsored pay program, Healthy Start, to help low-income households with grocery purchases.

The pair's 52 instructions are published on Instagram every Sunday and include recipes including Mexican-style fish pies, chicken or lighter treats like oatmeal and sandwiches.

On the grounds of personal experiences growing up in single mother households with a low income, they were inspired to cooperate.

Rashford recalled how he starved as a child: 'I remember sometimes at school I would fall asleep - I just hadn't eaten food, I wasn't awake, so I would just literally fall asleep.

Rashford said he intended the initiative to "help eradicate the kind of" embarrassment "his mother Melanie experienced using food banks, calling the stigma associated with government-funded schemes such as healthy start vouchers" the most stupid thing I've ever heard."

Rashford, an avowed newcomer to the kitchen, will take part in 20-something video how-to sessions where celebrity guests, including broadcaster Fearne Cotton and fitness guru Joe Wicks, will be joined by Kerridge.