Martin Lewis offers Flybe customers advice

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Flybe has collapsed under the strain of the coronavirus. The collapse could potentially leave thousands of passengers stranded across Europe and has left 2,000 employees out of work.

Flybe was the biggest regional airline in Europe. It transported around 8 million passengers a year, to over 70 airports throughout Europe.

We have seen the Department of Transport launch major repatriation operations in previous years for the likes of Thomas Cook and Monarch Airlines. However, it is unclear whether the Government will consider the same action for Flybe passengers.

Some travel insurance policies cover cancelled flights as a result of an airline collapse, but it varies policy to policy. Flights bought through travel companies may also be Atol protected, however, flights purchased directly from Flybe most likely will not.

Customers should contact their credit or debit card provider for reimbursement.

Martin Lewis took to Twitter offering customer three key steps in order to obtain a refund:

#Flybe admin. If ull need refund, things to try. Pls share 1. Travel insur (usually needs scheduled airline failure cover) 2. Paid on debit card? Try chargeback...… 3. Paid on credit card? Try chargeback (link above) or section 75."