Masterchef star Dean Banks tries out a four-day workweek in Edinburgh

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The concept of the four-day week plans to work a day less than an usual five days, but without any wage losses.

A top Edinburgh restaurant,  Banks' Pompadour at the Caledonian Hotel with its delicious food and the luxurious interiors, will test a four-day week in an effort to boost productivity and improve the psychological well-being of its staff.

Banks near 1 Golf Place in St Andrews plans to reopen through crowdfunding.

Banks, MasterChef 2018: The Professionals finalist, said: 'Initially coming out of lockdown we had less table numbers and early finishes which were detrimental to the business especially when we had just opened, but now that we are relaxed it is a bit better, so hopefully it won't change again as that is quite a worry.