McDonald’s Culinary Innovation Chief States that Menu Hackers inspire their Kitchen

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

McDonald’s head of culinary innovation has stated that the chain fully embraces ‘menu hacking’ from its customers.  Menu Hacking is when customers change up the ingredients in their orders, and McDonald’s try to learn from their choices to develop items that a lot of the customers are requesting.  This has been quite popular with the brand, as customers regularly ask for something a bit more unique, like adding items and sauces onto pre-existing set meals.

Menu hacking gives customers the chance to customise their order and make each meal a bit more personalised to their taste, which is an influential factor in and of the chains product launches; if a lot of people like the same thing, then it’ll more likely become an addition to the menu.

Mike Haracz, a chef that spends a lot of his time in the McDonald’s test kitchen in Chicago said “It’s not about what I like or what our team likes. We want to act on what our guests are requesting”.   It is clear that this well-established brand has its customers in mind.