McDonald’s shares box template for Happy meal box

Friday, April 24, 2020

McDonald’s have teamed up with National Autistic Society to provide the Happy Meal box template online. The aim is to help families, particularly those with special needs children, find some familiarity in these very uncertain times. They have also provided the genuine packaging to over 450 families who have a child with more severe special needs!

You can find the template on their Family Fun Hub, which also features various other creative activities.

McDonald's made the decision to close their doors in the UK due to safety concerns over COVID-19, even before the official lockdown came into play. However, since then they partnered with the BBC’s fundraiser The Big Night In to donate towards the Emergency Essentials Grant. The grant aims to provide support to the most vulnerable people during the pandemic.

McDonald's have also continued to donate food to key workers and vulnerable people through food banks and charities.

You can find the Happy Meal box template here.