McDonald's Christmas menu involves a double Big Mac and McFlurry celebrating

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

McDonald's has publicised details of its Christmas menu for 2020 - and a double Big Mac.

It comes out on November 18th as a single sandwich for £4.19 or as a side dish and beverage for £5.69.

While the double Big Mac was introduced in the US earlier this year, this is the first time it has made it to the UK market.

A similar burger, called Mega Mac, which was also four pies, was available earlier, but McDonald's have acknowledged its twice-Big Mac is different.

Jamaican Jokes Chicken Sandwich (£4.39,£5.69)

For those with room for dessert after all, McDonald's is bringing a new Celebrations McFlurry onto the market - with Maltese, Galaxy, Mars, Twix, and a caramel sauce.

It comes as McDonald's this month unveiled a new breakfast sandwich for fans wanting to try out a new twist.