McDonald's to open 50 new restaurants and hire 20,000 people across the UK

Monday, June 21, 2021

McDonald's is hiring across eleven restaurants throughout the UK in a massive recruitment campaign. 

The fast food chain expects to open 50 new stores by 2021 and a further 100 over the next two years as its boss Paul Pomroy has said in the UK.

The fast-food chain is set to fill 20.000 jobs and open 50 more restaurants around the country over the next 12 months - and expects its staff capacity to rise in line with government guidance.

The company said the additions would not replace jobs that were lost during the pandemic and instead, were preparing for restaurants to serve more.

The restaurant openings are part of a wider investment plan by McDonald's to ensure that its restaurants, including its flagship UK roads, are "fit for the future" and that the experience is in line with the latest customer wishes and expectations.

McDonald's push for expansion comes amid widespread doubts about the future of urban areas, with many workers saying that they are not keen to return to bureaus full-time and the streets are already struggling because of the rise of the Web.

It is also considering more flexible restaurant layouts to work with the different ways in which customers use their restaurants at various times of the day.

Paul Pomroy said: 'It's fantastic to be able to offer an additional 20.000 people an opportunity to work with us'