McLovin’ Life? McDonald’s Fast Food Chain Has Added New Healthy Options to Happy Meals.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Going into 2019, it is clear that there are a lot more health focuses with big brands and new restaurants; between the comments made by parents to the stigma around sugars in children’s food, it is clear that renowned fast food chain McDonald’s have taken these into consideration.

The company have taken action and have removed artificial preservatives from its popular low-fat strawberry yogurt and have also added the option to have water with your Happy Meal, free of charge. 

But this isn’t the first step forward to a healthier meal, as McDonald’s also made changes at the start of this year, which included reducing the portion size of the French fries, cutting back on salt, removing any artificial preservatives from chicken nuggets, and also making the cheeseburgers a ‘request-only’ item.  They also adjusted the sugar content in the chocolate milk.

McDonald’s have featured the Happy Meal for years, and has remained popular through the years, but it is clear that they can only stay around if they adjust with the health movement of concerned parents and hungry children – they have been adapting the Happy Meal since 2014, but 2018 was the start of something more, something bigger.

They have also pledged that every meal on the Happy Meal menu boards will include no more than 600 calories, in the US.

The journey of food improvement and the influence of health and well-being shows that this chain is here to stay, but do you think they’re doing enough?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!