Michelin awarded a star for France's first ever vegan restaurant

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Lemongrass, algae and fir are not the ingredients that once garnered French cooks Michelin mention, but on Monday, the big red bible of food and drink announced that it was awarding the top star to what was considered a completely vegan restaurant in France.

"ONA is" the first vegan restaurant in France to be awarded an extra star,"a spokeswoman for the Michelin Guide told the AFP news agency.

Its owner and cook, Claire Vallée, was left a little shocked after getting a call from Michelin on Thursday night.

As well as being awarded a 'classical' star on Monday, Vallée also won a green star - a role that Michelin introduced last year to highlight companies with a strong track record of ethical behaviour.

Michelin has come under criticism for awarding the annual Michelin Guide accolades during the Covid 19 pandemic, during which most dining establishments are closed.

She likes the Pine, Porcini and sake combinations or celery, tonka and amber.