Nearly 30,000 restaurant jobs lost in 2020 as pandemic numbers soar

Monday, January 4, 2021

So far, 29,684 jobs in restaurants, independent businesses and large Casual Dining chains-up 163% on the year-will have been lost in 2020 says the Centre for Retail Research (CRR).

The CRR also announced that the branch closings experienced by hotel businesses have increased by 75.8% to 1,621, from 922 in 2019.

It said branch closures will be 75.8 per cent higher for 2020 and 1,621 by 2019, compared with 922 in 2019, with the number of branches and staff across Pizza Express, SSP Group, Casual Dining Group/The Big Table, The Restaurant Group, M & B, Harvester Beefeater and Pret a Manger all experiencing significant shrinkages.

Property consultants Altus Group said there were 4,946 Tier Three restaurants and 3 Tier 4 restaurants in England that closing due to the changes to the Tier 22,082 capital ratio in place on New Year's Eve, and all but take-out restaurants were closed.

Professor Joshua Bamfield, head of the CRR said the pandemic ushered in a major shake-up in the industry that was already underway.