New limitations 'death sentence' for hospitality, Scottish Hospitality Group says

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The new coronavirus restrictions that have been put in place throughout the hospitality industry in Scotland will 'sound the death knell' for businesses across the hospitality industry, business leaders have warned.

Stephen Montgomery, of the Scottish Hospitality Group, which represents several restaurant and bar groups, said the industry must be "part of the solution to combat this virus, not part of the problem" adding that the Scottish government's "latest blow from the Scottish Government will create fear and anger across our industry" and will carry a "catastrophic" economic cost.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned that if no action was taken, infections could return to pan-pandemic levels they suffered in March and lead to more severe curtailments by the end of October.

She also announced a further £40m to help businesses who will be affected by the new temporary measures and said the Scottish government would work with firms to soften employers "contributions to the UK government's employment cover schemes.

Coffees without an alcohol license are allowed to remain open up to 6 pm.

Gabe Docherty, Scottish Health Directors "Chairperson, said:" The action announced yesterday by the First Minister has a strong focus on areas associated with higher risk of transmission, and has the full support of the Scottish health Directors.