New Opening: Herman Ze German in Birmingham

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Herman Ze German, a popular ‘fast casual’ sausage specialist has decided to open up its first location outside the capital in into Birmingham’s Grand Central shopping centre, predicted to launch early on next month.  It is said that this restaurant will serve a menu that focuses on the Berlin street food classic, currywust, as it does in the London branches.  Curryworst is a pork sausage, steamed then fried, and seasoned with curry ketchup and curry powder and has become popular along the years.

The other types of sausages will be served in buns or with fries, and the menu will also offer schnitzel.  Each order is customisable with the array of toppings that the customers can add.

Herman Ze German will also offer many German beers, including Fruh, Erdinger and Kolsch.

The interior of the new restaurant has been designed by Lena Kramer, a freelance Berlin-based designer who also helped design the London locations.  There are four sites in London and a food truck in Germany, after launching in 2008, so it’s growing as the years go on. 

We’re excited to see how far it can go from here.  Where would you like to see the next location based?