On the menu at a British restaurant: the carbon footprint

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The menu at The Canteen in south-west England does nothing like reveal how much a meal costs.

The eggplant with miso harissa sauce with tabbouleh and zaatar toast caused 675 grams of CO2.

Clients weigh their options at the vegetarian restaurant's menu in Bristol, where a comparative comparison is drawn to a dish not featured-the emission of a UK-made hamburger.

"Three kilos for a burger, wow! I can't believe it," exclaimed Enyioma Anomelechi, 37, a diner sipping on a beer right in the sun.

The cafeteria was the first restaurant to announce it was to incorporate the canteen on the menu in South-West England, as part of a campaign backed by Viva Vegan, a British vegan campaigning organisation.

The carbon footprint of companies and consumers is increasingly coming under scrutiny as countries grapple to contain the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and reach net-zero per year by 2050.

Laura Hellwig, campaign manager at Viva!, said the carbon footprint should become a legally binding requirement.

To calculate the food and footprints, The Canteen sent its recipes and source to a specialist firm called MyEmissions.