Over 330,000 hospitality jobs at risk if rental protection rules are abolished this summer

Thursday, May 6, 2021

UKHospitality's £2.5billion rent debt, which is hanging around the hotel industry, is threatening the future of thousands of businesses, and more than 330.000 jobs in the sector according to new analysis.

A new survey of UK200ff members revealed that solving the tenant debt problem was crucial to the future health of a sector responsible for 10% of UK jobs before the pandemic struck.

In presenting the government's complaint, UKHospitality noted that more than half the operators surveyed said that, in spite of longer shutdowns and trading restrictions lasting more than a year, they had not received any rent reduction from their landlords.

73% have not been able or able to afford their rent arrears

According to the analysis, a sixth of the remaining guest workers, or 332.000 jobs, could be eliminated if current safeguards are lifted this summer.

40% refused to discuss rent rebates with their landlord