Paris Hilton stars in new campaign for Hilton Hotels

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Hilton has enlisted the businessman, socialist, and great-grandson of hotel founder Paris Hilton to appear in a new brand campaign.

Hilton, For the Stay will focus on the hotel, exaggerating the role that a stay plays and the influence it plays in a time in which in advertising accommodation the sea of equality with overstretched destinations; in clichéd beach walks; and in general travel descriptions.

In another, the chain is taking aim at rivals like Airbnb, demonstrating what can go wrong when reality fails to live up to expectations.

The campaign also stars versatile business woman and philanthropist Paris Hilton, who was brought up and stayed in numerous Hilton hotels around the world, which earned her a unique, early connection to a hotel business.

In one, spectators see a stressed family at the airport attempting to board a plane with all their baggage in tow; and the chaos it frequently involves.

The global campaign encompasses TV, audio, social media, print or out-of-home, 13 commercials and a "social executions" personalised campaign.

The 13 commercials will debut in the United States, followed closely by the United Kingdom and selected markets in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

"In developing the campaign, we were inspired by showing the realness of travel; the tensions, the hardships, the too-high expectations. It goes against convention in the hospitality category and it's an exciting space for the brand to own," says Amy Ferguson, Chief Creative Officer, TBWASH New York.