Plant-Based Burger Brand, Neat Burger, Opened in London

Friday, September 6, 2019

London’s West End has a new burger joint in town but is claimed to be nothing the nation has seen before.  Neat Burger is a plant-based burger chain that will revolutionise the way we see fast food.

Within the next two years, 14 franchises are forecast to open, with regional UK locations already being considered in Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester, as well as a site in New York. 

At the moment, the menu has three main options; The Neat and The Cheese burgers both include a patty created by the Neat Burger’s chefs in collaboration with Beyond Meat.  The third option is The Chick’n, which is a Southern style plant-based ‘chicken’ patty created by THIS, a US plant-based brand. 

They also provide a Beyond Meat hot dog which is served with grilled onions, fried shallots, pickles, vegan mayonnaise and mustard.

Prices will start at £7.50 with sides, including sweet potato fries.