Premier Inn Commits to Sustainability with Dulsco Environment

Monday, June 5, 2023

Premier Inn Middle East is taking a jump ahead in its sustainability mission and affirming its dedication to backing government green objectives by recruiting Dulsco Environment as its new waste management services provider

On World Environment Day (5th June), a deal was put forward for Premier Inn-owned properties in Dubai that includes new technology, education and goals to shrink waste production and boost recycling.

Premier Inn is a renowned hospitality provider in the UK and Middle East, known for its warm hospitality, delicious food, and comfortable accommodations. Managing Director of Premier Inn Middle East, Simon Leigh, expressed his pride in contributing to Dubai's

hospitality industry and commitment to sustainability initiatives such as solar energy production, water recycling systems, and plastic-free operations. Dulsco Environment is excited to have been chosen as their waste management partner, and Premier Inn is looking to

expand into Saudi Arabia.


Technology, Training and Plastic-Free Policies

Dulsco Environment provides tailored solutions for its customers in the UAE, aiming to increase environmental sustainability.

With their expertise, Premier Inn is confident they can achieve their sustainability goals.

In order to do so, they have implemented various technologies such as solar energy and water recycling systems, as well as training to ensure that team members and guests are aware of their environmental policies.

The company is also focusing on becoming a plastic-free organisation, something that supports the UAE Net Zero Strategy, as well as the Dubai Sustainable Tourism initiative.

To make sure this goal is achieved, a dedicated green group of employees has been set up to further drive sustainability initiatives and encourage environmentally friendly behaviour.