Pret a Manger raises pay for the second time in four months

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Pret a Manger will be raising wages for the second time in four months as staff shortages push up wages throughout the hospitality industry.

The coffee chain has announced that it will raise the minimum wage from £9.40 to £9.80 with more than 6.900 of its 8.500 staff earning more than £10 an hour.

This is after their pay was increased by 5% in September to £9.40 an hour. Many workers can also earn extra with the £1.25 an hour bonuses that would be offered to employees if they are rated highly by a test buyer.

Pret says the pay rise was the biggest in the company's 36-year history and meant £9.2 million had gone on staff salaries.

Pret says he company is now in a strong position, and sales have recovered "sharply." Pret says its subscription service is now used more than 1 million times weekly.

Mr Christou increased the bonus to £1 an hour and apologised to employees before raising salaries by 5 per cent to £9.40 in September.