Pret’s Biggest Menu Change in 33 Years

Friday, April 5, 2019

Following the change of consumer tastes in the UK, Pret will be introducing 20 new recipes on the 9th of April, including 8 new vegan options to reflect on what the consumers want.  This high-street coffee shop is already recognised for its wide range of vegan snacks and meals, but wants to give more.


Their vegan options will now include dairy alternatives like coconut yoghurt based breakfasts with compotes, fresh fruit and coconut chips.  They also have gluten free granolas, smoothies.

For a tasty vegan lunch, as of the 9th you can get Asian-Style Veggie Boxes, roast mushroom and avocado pots and humous and chipotle wraps. 

They will also provide gluten free bread on their menu for the first ever time.  This is because Pret couldn’t find a bread they’d be happy to provide in store and decided it was time to make their own.  A combination of oats, teff, buckwheat and quinoa flours and some more tasty ingredients – one to try even if you’re not vegan or gluten intolerant!

This is the biggest menu change in Pret history, truly reflecting on what the customers want, and we personally can’t wait to try it.