Proportion of EU workers in UK hospitality sector drops steeply

Monday, July 26, 2021

The number of EU workers employed in the British hospitality industry has fallen by more than 40 per cent in the past two years, new figures reveal.

According to software firm Fourth, people from EU countries made up 37% of workers in over 700 hospitality establishments last month, against 43% two years ago.

This is contrasted with a steady growth in British nationals, which rose from 46 percent in January 2020 to 51 percent in June 2021, exceeding that threshold for the first time.

Several restaurants around Britain reported difficulties finding staff in the last few weeks, leading to some restaurants closing or services being cut.

Thousands of workers in the sector remain unsettled, according to Fourth.

The payroll at present comprises 45% of personnel, which is still full or flexible.

That's the lowest figure since the program started last year, but still represents a large part of the workforce.

The trend towards a less EU workforce is expected to continue, as Europeans' right to function and live in the UK are limited after Brexit.