Pub group Marston's cuts 2.150 jobs as Tier Three restrictions bite

Monday, October 19, 2020

Headquartered in Wolverhampton, the company are set to cut more than 2.000 jobs as the sector is hit by the new restrictions across the UK.

Marston's blames the recent nationwide efforts to combat the rise in coronavirus cases that have caused curfews that close pubs and food outlets in high-risk areas such as Liverpool.

Ralph Findlay, CEO at Marston 'The additional restrictions which have been applied across the UK most recently present significant challenges to us and will make business more difficult for a period of time.

Marston's said the introduction of further restrictions and guidelines on pubs is "hugely disappointing" because of insufficient clear evidence binding pubs to the recent rise in infection rates, and our own data suggesting pubs are effective in minimising the risk.

Marston's warned about 2.150 of its permanent UK pub jobs which are now on furlough pay, will be affected, while it will reveal another cost-cutting plan before the end of the year.

The company is also expected to receive about £230 million as the deal is finalised by the end of this month, linking its brewing business with Carlsberg UK.

Shadow economy secretary Lucy Powell warned that job losses at the Marston factory would likely be the first of many due to the new restrictions.