Pub manager fears 'ghost Lady Lansdowne' scare staff

Sunday, September 12, 2021

This the moment a pub dweller nicknamed Lady Lansdowne hides a chair from beneath a table

The pub manager is concerned the 'ghost' of the nightclub could make staff too intimidated to come into work and to see them short of staff in the aftermath of a series of spooky incidents.

Footage captured the moment the seat appeared to move all by itself, as Hayley Budd took a break to serve thirsty guests at The Lansdowne pub in Cardiff.

In the recent encounters, the mother-of-three was flicking through her mobile phone during the break when she noticed the chair seemingly moving by itself at about 7.30pm on July 26.

In the footage, Hayley can be seen scrolling through her cell phone and turning around to see who the perpetrator is.

The footage shows the pub manager looking at each other in an attempt to see who the culprit is before she checks under the desk.

Though Hayley is not overly concerned by the apparent absence of an obvious spirit, she said some members of staff have threatened to leave if they ever meet the chair.