Pub & restaurant bosses say 200.000 London workers will lose their jobs |

Monday, October 19, 2020

Some 200,000 hospitality staff in central London will lose their jobs, as a second-class coronavirus lockout enforces, the head of the industry group warned.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the UK Hospitality trade association, said the tier 2 classification was "is a curse for businesses"

When you get up into the third division you get help if you are closed off, so there is at least something to pay them.

Nicholls said that the London lockdown will be a "big death knell" for the industry.

People from separated households are therefore forbidden to mix indoors - also in pubs and restaurants, which are subject to severe requirements.

Pret a Manger announced that the second wave of infections accompanied by lockouts will mean the eradication of 400 staff roles in London this year, in addition to the 2.000 job cuts since the outbreak of the pandemic.

There are also fears that tube, bus and commuter trains are coming to a halt if Transport for London burns its money to meet its commitments.