Pubs are 'will have to put calorie counts of wines, beers and spirits on pump labels and menus'

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pubs are forced to include calorie counts of wines, beers and spirits on their labels and menus, according to a new health plan led by Matt Hancock.

The push will also require all alcohol sold in shops to comply with legislation requiring them to disclose calorie counts as well as a health warning.'

Labels included warnings about alcohol by Professor Chris Whitty and its dangers of drunken driving.

Health Minister Jo Churchill told peers she wants to launch a 12-week consultation on the plans.

According to the NHS the recommended daily calories intake is 2.000 calories per day for woman and 2.500 for men.

The government's own figures say the alcohol industry, which has already been devastated by Covid, will suffer a hit of £92m - but "the benefits to consumers has not been quantified