Racism hinders career progress, new research suggests

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Inside Hospitality, commissioned by Be Inclusive Hosts, has found that the effects of workplace racism are disturbingly high.

Inside Hospitality has utilized anonymous views and experiences covering subjects like hospitality career, racism, diversity and inclusion and education.

Be Inclusive Hospitality is a non-profit organization created to create a thriving community capable of advancing racial justice in hospitality, food and beverage.

Of those who have experienced racism, 23% have received assistance for well-being from Asian, 16% black and 12% mixed respondents, including mental health or other factors.

The report also highlighted the fact that Asian and black managers do not feel supported by their employers in terms of professional progress relative to their peers.

Black respondents were 43% most likely to report that ethnic affiliation has hampered their job advancement.

This is the second issue of the Inside Hospitality Report that was first published in June 2021 and received 387 replies.

Asian (37%) and mixed (28%) respondents said the same, while only 7% of white surveyed people said the same.