Restaurant Andrew Fairlie in Gleneagles is considered best in the UK

Thursday, January 12, 2023

A first-rate Scottish restaurant has been named Best in Britain by the Harden's Restaurant Guide 2023.

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie in Gleneagles, Perthshire, has taken first place in Harden's Top 100 Best UK Restaurants, an influential guide that lists UK top eateries.

"impeccable skill and creativity" 

The world-renowned restaurant, which is celebrated as "a place to be remembered," was awarded the title of best Michelin-starred after luxury ingredients, prepared with "impeccable skill and creativity" and attentive staff who are so "professional in every way."

During 2017, the eatery was included as the first Scottish eatery in Les Grandes Tables du Monde, a booklet that lists 170 of the world's most prestigious restaurants.

Anstruther Keller was also in the top 100 with 99 points, together with the Peat Guest House with 76 points.

Each meal is a delight to savour, from mussels that are at their peak in winter months and the inspiration for summer at the restaurant's secluded walled garden where over 250 kinds of fruit, vegetables and herbs are cultivated and the main ingredients are creativity.

Edinburgh proved to be the UK town with the highest number of advertisements in the top 500 outside London and no fewer than 17 restaurants made it into the ranking.

Andrew Fairlie restaurant attained a second star in 2002, one year after it opened.