Rising overnight costs are "grim reaper" for festivals, says Fringe boss

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Shona McCarthy, the chairwoman of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, criticised the "dreaded rising cost of accommodation in Edinburgh"

Ms McCarthy said that While the Edinburgh Festival, which brings together the bosses of the city's various festivals, was "very supportive" of "very supportive of the short term lets legislation" which involves the need to issue new licences for short-term rentals, she added that this had "unintended consequences," especially on artists.

"dreaded rising cost of accommodation in Edinburgh"

Shona McCarthy

On the rising cost that artists and others are being required to pay for housing in city buildings, McCarthy said,"That is definitely my grim reaper at the moment, and I think we need an Olympic response."

Earlier this year, Edinburgh Festival, which attracts heads of different festivals in the City, warned of an "economic shock" as a result of new short-term rental arrangements.