Scotland to scrutinise impact on airlines as quarantine hotels confirmed

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Flights to Scotland could be canceled as the UK Government imposed strict quarantine policies on all direct flights to and from Scotland, Scotland's transport minister has warned.

Transport minister Michael Matheson said oil and gas workers returning to Scotland could be exempt from compulsory quarantine.

Michael Matheson said airlines argued that demand to fly direct from overseas to Scotland would fall "drop off dramatically" as a consequence of tougher rules north of the border, compared with elsewhere in the UK.

From Monday, anyone travelling to Scotland on an international flight will be forced to remain in hotels for a full 10 days-costing £1,750.

Up to 1.200 passengers arriving in Scotland each week must be checked in to quarantined hotels at a cost of £1,750.

Some 1.600 passengers flew to Scotland last week but Matheson said some 1200 passengers would have isolated themselves in a managed facility if the rule had been met.

The accommodation has a total of 1300 rooms and will cost £1,750 per single guest.

The number of people arriving in Scotland is expected to drop because airlines are deciding to operate routes that could be cancelled as a result of the quarantine regime.