Scottish Gin Earns World’s Best Title

Friday, February 22, 2019

Makar Cherry Gin, distilled in Glasgow, has been voted as the world’s best flavoured gin at the World Gin Awards, which celebrates styles of gin and promotes the chosen drinks to consumers and traders around the world.

The competition saw over four thousand entries and was put through a three-phase judging process involving journalists, drink retailers and industry leading distillers. Makar was put against other gins from domestic and international markets, including Canada and Norway and was first in the flavoured category; Makar Cherry Gin is made from fresh, seasonal cherries, pink peppercorn and infused through their Dry Gin, pressing it at the end to give extra taste.

The co-founder of The Glasgow Distillery Company stated that he was thrilled as there is a lot of competitors to beat in that particular category.