Scottish Hospitality Group called for support through 'at least March 2022'

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Hospitality industry would need funds until at least March 2022, industry figures have told Scottish Politics.

Hospitality groups have challenged MSPs to sign a promise card to support the vital sector if they vote to go ahead ahead with the vote in May.

Stephen Montgomery, the SHG spokesman, said some "simple, apolitical demands needed to be made."

The blueprint acknowledges the exceptional efforts companies have made to continue their trades, the important role they can play in communities and invites them to visit a coffee shop, restaurant, bar or other shop to see for themselves the effects.

It would like to see restrictions phased out when Scotland reverts to a staggered system and demands that shops at stage 2 and 3 should be open by "no less than 10pm, subject to adequate safeguards."

Appreciation for extraordinary actions of responsible hospitality business and its employees, in implementing federal law and maintaining public security

It means that no alcohol would be offered within Leading 3 areas, which have been imposed under the second, harshest of restrictions.

Support a working group between industry and government to develop a plans for stronger recovery and improved emergency preparedness in the event of similar disruptions in the future.