Scottish hospitality industry under 'life support'

Monday, November 7, 2022

Several Scotland's leading restaurateurs have united in a bid to help protect around 220.000 jobs as the industry goes through its third and toughest winter since the pandemic began.

While the industry is struggling with the cost of the crisis, with its third hard winter since the outbreak of the pandemic, a new online platform has been launched which can be used by hospitality companies to promote promotions and attract direct bookings.

The commission-free site, with all these facets of the chain of food and beverage operators, allows businesses to develop offers and to stay at a time when business is at a slow point in time-on a single day.

It comes at a time when hospitality industry operators are facing a flood of costs with many in the industry seeing energy bills skyrocket by a few hundred per cent this year.

The price of various items in-store comparable to labour, food and drink surged, while the Bank of England last week raised interest rates from 2.25% to 3%.

The initiative was led by The Full Range, a food and beverage sourcing firm.

Paul Fraser, owner of Ingliston Nation Membership & Resort, said: "Hospitality regularly plays a crucial role in people 's lives and it captures people 's fond memories when spending time with friends and family.

Richard Drummond, owner of McKays Hotel, Pitlochry, said: "Help is exactly what the hospitality and tourism industry needs.