Scottish Tourism Alliance Unveils Election Policy Blueprint

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

In preparation for the 2026 elections, the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) has published a comprehensive plan encompassing key priorities

With a focus on job creation, investment, and economic growth, the STA's policy agenda aims to stimulate tourism sector development across Scotland.

The regulatory landscape is set to be simplified, fostering improved business-government cooperation and reducing unnecessary regulation burdens.

A balanced approach between cost-effectiveness and visitor experience quality is sought, while attracting and cultivating a diverse, skilled workforce within the industry.

The STA's flagship event during Scottish Tourism Month at P&J Live in Aberdeen will feature presentations of these policy asks.

Survival strategies post-pandemic, Brexit concerns, and the sector's significant financial pressures are addressed, providing a roadmap for a robust and sustainable tourism


The policy agenda aligns with Scotland Outlook 2030's national tourism strategy, setting lofty goals to propel Scotland into global tourism prominence.

"The STA's policy agenda is a strategic framework aimed at inspiring collective action among stakeholders within governments, public bodies and private enterprise." - Marc Crothall

The STA calls upon future Scottish and UK governments to embrace these strategic policy asks, which include minimized regulatory hurdles, economic growth support, and

transparent policymaking collaboration.

A thriving tourism industry contributes substantially to both the economy and local communities, as well as heritage, culture, and the environment.

Marc Crothall, Scottish Tourism Alliance CEO, commented, "This publication arrives at a pivotal moment for our sector, urging policymakers and decision-makers to strengthen

their collaboration with the tourism and hospitality industry in overcoming impending challenges while embracing opportunities that will establish Scotland as a leading 21st-

century tourism powerhouse.