Six by Nico launches UK-wide food and beverage home delivery service

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Glasgow chef Nico Simeone is launching a new dining and alcohol platform, a continuous upgrade to the Home by Nico service launched in April in response to the gridlock.

Led by Chef Nico Simeone and Six by Nico marketing guru Michael Sim, the duo say the site was created to give customers access to everything from veggie tastings to hand-picked artisan cheeses and unique wines.

Chateau-X gives spicy Chateaubriand fillets on three sides, while 24-carrot serves a vegan-friendly take-away recipe.

Home X delivery boxes feature "finest pre-prepared ingredients" along with a complete cook guide, to make home cooking simple, stress-free and tasty.

Home by Nico served more than 100.000 customers in six British cities during the lockup but was discontinued when restrictions were relaxed in June when the digital team was concentrating on re-opening the Six by Nico restaurants.

Customers are now able to register and the first brands to launch on the new platform are Home by Nico, STEM wine club, Chateau-X, The Cheese Club and 24 Carrot vegan.

Like Home by Nico, all home-X brands will contain ready-to-serve portions and complete instructions to create a meal for two to four people.