Social Bite At Home featuring celebrity chef Tony Singh launched

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Social Bite has launched its first in-home food box, which lets you enjoy food in your own home while raising money for homeless people.

The Singh for Your Supper menu features four main dishes: Kerala King shrimp, butter chicken, aloo chole and gulab Jamun for dessert as well as four sides: flavored fur, paratha, Jeera Pilau Rice and seasoned onion served with a selection of sauces; mango, mint, yogurt and tamarind.

Boxes will be available for pick-up on May 7 and 8 at Social Bite cafes in Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as in Central Kitchen in Livingston.

Each dish has been cooked by the chef and the Social Bite team in the main Social Bite kitchen in Livingston.

Each box come with an easily comprehensible guide to preparing, cooking and plating so you can make tasty meals at home, but gourmets will need to be quick given the limited number of boxes.

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Josh Littlejohn MBE, chief executive and co-founder at social networking site Social Bite, said: 'It's been great to work with the incredibly talented Tony Singh to help produce our first ever home dining boxes.'