Solero to Try Wrapper-less Lollies in Attempts to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Solero ice lollies are looking at ways on how to lose their plastic wrappers in order to do their bit to save the environment, and starting this month they’ll be trialling exactly that.  Multipacks of peach Solero ice lollies will be sold in cardboard boxes with compartments designed to eliminate the need for wrappers.  The box is made from a polyethylene-coated cardboard and is completely recyclable.  It is similar to the single use coffee cups in cafes and shops, but with a lower plastic content at 5%, meaning it has the approval and backing to be recycled throughout the United Kingdom.

These eco-friendly lollies will be sold on Ocado, an online supermarket, to measure the customer response towards the trial.  If the feedback is positive then it should be the push they need to reduce, or even entirely remove, the plastic packaging in future ice creams and lollies.