The 'A lifeline to the industry': Scottish hospitality sector proposes way out of deadlock

Monday, March 15, 2021

This would allow alcohol to be sold with a meal and curfew of 10.30pm inside and 11.30: 11.30pm outside, versus the 2020 limitations which prohibit alcohol to be sold at Stage 3 and closure at 6pm.

That compares with the current level of level two restriction, which would see 73 per cent of companies, a turnover of £634 million, retain only 34.900 jobs.

Analysis by the consultancy BiGGAR Economics found that the current tier 3 curbs would enable 54% of hospitality firms to operate, generate a turnover of £269m and save 21.900 jobs.

BiGGAR Economics also found 91 per cent of firms could operate under the new level 2 changes, generating £1.2bn in sales and safeguarding 68.000 jobs.

The existing model will actually support only 34.900 jobs.

Graeme Blackett, director of the company, said: "Adjustments to the restrictions could get thousands of people back to work and allow the sector to generate turnover and contribute significantly to the public finances in the coming weeks and months.

Graeme Blackett, Director of BiGGAR Economics, said: 'The changes to the restrictions in the level system that the hospitality sector has proposed, can place the hospitality sector and the wider food and drink supply chain in a much stronger position.