The "rule of six" applies in England from Monday

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Boris Johnson has appealed for people to 'cut down on social exposure as much as possible' after the Prime Minister confirmed a ban on 'anyone with more than six people' around the England will come into effect from Monday.

"I know over time the rules have become quite complicated and confusing," - Prime Minister

Speaking on Boris Johnson's decision to reduce the size of government gatherings to six, the PM said: "I know over time the rules have become quite complicated and confusing," by reciprocal changes to previous guidelines on how many homes are allowed to hold parties, and variations in figures on numbers in houses and outdoors.

Plans are being reviewed to attract a bigger audience to venues this month, with the government considering reintroducing stadiums and conference centres beginning on October 1.

The Government expects that restrictions on six individuals - whether in homes, public squares, or outdoors - will become more easily comprehensible, and more enforceable.

Mr Johnson also spoke out urging people not to book a corona virus test unless they have symptoms or are told to book after it was reported that people were refused a Covid 19 test.

Weddings, funerals and 'Covid-secure' team pursuits have been covered under a current maximum of 30 people.

In order to strengthen the ability of local authorities to exert their powers, so-called Covid Secure Marshals will be introduced, helping to ensure social gap within towns and communities.

Figures include children and are greater only if the family group or support bubble crosses them.