Travelodge plans to open 300 more hotels across UK

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Travelodge is in talks with local authorities to open 300 new hotels across the UK in a £3million expansion.

Budget hotel group Travelodge is to engage with 220 local authorities throughout the United Kingdom in a joint development partnership to encourage regeneration and economic growth.

Travelodge has identified 300 destinations for new hotels across the UK as part of an expansion plan which could create about 9.000 jobs and provide a £3b investment to outside investors, it said.

Once completed, the local council had the choice of keeping its third Braintree hotel and contributing an annual rent to the council's income budget, or selling the hotel to Travelodge as the hotel's management company.

Steve Bennett, head of Property and Development Officer at Travelodge, said: 'In the current climate, local authorities are under extreme pressure to invest in their economy and support regeneration projects. This is why we are today writing to 220 local authorities to

offer our support, as we can make a real difference.

This first hotel by the family in Rotherham is the Rotherham Travelodge, and this is actually the first branded hotel in the city centre.