Uber Eats pledges £250.000 to help black-owned restaurant companies

Monday, October 10, 2022

His Black Business Fund, in partnership with Enterprise Nation and Be Inclusive Hospitality, will provide a total of £250.000 in grants to 25 small business projects in Great Britain, with at least half going to small firms outside of London.

Blacklisted restaurants with fewer than five locations can now apply to the Uber Eats Black Business fund, which commences on October 14 and closes on November 25.

Successful people are also assisted by Enterprise Nation.

In the UK, only 5 per cent of the country's small and medium enterprises are managed by people from minority backgrounds, with black and mixed ethnic groups being the least likely to be independent.

Matthew Price, General Manager, Uber Eats UK & Ireland, said 'Given the barriers that Black owners face, we are incredibly proud to expand our support of small Black-owned businesses across the country. Through this fund we want to help the next generation of chefs and entrepreneurs thrive.'.

In the UK, Uber Eats set up its own Black Business Fund, which provides £10m in aid for restaurants throughout the country, in 2021.

'Small businesses and restaurants are the heart of local communities, and we're honoured to give so many a platform on Uber Eats,' said Uber Eats UK & Ireland chief executive Matthew Price.