UK Food Bloggers Rave About Glasgow's Best Chicken Restaurants: Bucks Bar Takes the Crown

Friday, January 12, 2024

The popular UK food blogger, Danny Malin, aka "Rate My Takeaway," visited Bucks Bar in Edinburgh recently, and his reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. 

In a viral clip for his YouTube channel, Danny journeyed north to sample the much-loved buttermilk ninja burgers at Bucks Bar on Hanover Street.

For those unaware, Bucks Bar has expanded its presence beyond Glasgow and recently opened a branch in Edinburgh.

Its first outlet is still thriving on West Regent Street.

Arriving on the scene, the thrilled food connoisseur put up his folding chair and table, excited to partake in a savory feast.

Bucks Bar welcomed Danny with open arms, offering him a buttermilk ninja burger, hand-cut chips, Bucks 25 wings, and their signature dish – the Buckora.

The Buckora, an Indian style spicy coated pakora, was a hit for Danny, who praised its unique flavor in his video.

He then moved on to the 25 wings, which he described as "an absolute delight" and "perfect."

But it was the ninja burger that stole the show.

With gusto, Danny tackled the massive burger, taking several bites just to reach the bread.

His verdict: The ninja burger from Bucks Bar is an "absolute winner" and one of the best chicken burgers he's ever had.

In a post on Twitter, Bucks Bar expressed their gratitude for Danny's visit and shared pictures of him enjoying their iconic ninja burger, wings, and chips.

This review is yet another testament to Bucks Bar's commitment to serving delicious food and providing exceptional dining experiences.