UK Hospitality Launches Nationwide Strategy for Manpower

Monday, June 6, 2022

On May 31, UK Hospitality published the scheme to address a growing crisis in the sector, who CEO Kate Nicholls said had been exacerbated by the "devastating last two years".

"Staffing is an international crisis, but of the 32 countries I work in, the U.K. has the worst situation," said Sophie Kilic, Executive Vice President, for Northern Europe & Corporate UK at Accor.

In partnership with the Hospitality & Tourism Skills Board, the strategy is implemented at both local and national levels, with each country implementing a different course of action.

Nicholls argued that much of the stigma associated with the UK hotel industry stems from emphasizing academic, not vocational, education: "As long as schools are accredited by the number of students they get to university, vocational training will always be seen as second class." She also notes that "difficult to compete as a restaurant when Amazon are offering jobs paying £20 an hour."

 Another step is to improve work-life balance. Work, in order to make staff feel more fulfilled, must include recompense, employer expectations, compassion, diversity and inclusion.

 One of the objectives of the strategy is also to improve access to hospitality options for disabled people, both invisible and visible.