Vegan Restaurants in Britain Have Increased by 55%.

Friday, January 18, 2019

In the past year Britain’s number of vegan restaurants have risen to 48, making it an increase of 55%, according to research done by the Local Data Company.  The researched showed that 18 of the new businesses are in London, and that the growth of vegan restaurants can be found in almost every region in Britain, excluding north east England and Scotland.

Closely following London, Yorkshire and the Humber region have 12 vegan restaurants.

The Local Data Company also discovered that as the vegan restaurants are only increasing, normal restaurants, fast food places and supermarkets etc. are also amending their menus to cater for vegans as it is evident that veganism is becoming more common.

Of course, the worry these brands have are that they are under a lot of pressure to provide vegan-friendly items, especially to survive the increase in demand, as well as trying to get in before competitors.  Not only will this cater for more people, but some places are considering the environmental factor (read our blog about how restaurants could help with the environment by using less meat products here) that this movement may have.

Recently, vegan options have been popping up around well-known brands; Greggs with their vegan sausage rolls, Zizzi’s with a four-cheese vegan pizza, and Pret A Manger, who released four Veggie Pret locations in Soho.

The question is, how far will this take us, and will the Food and Beverage Industry be able to keep up?