Waitrose rated worst online fresh food supermarket

Monday, August 23, 2021

Supermarket Waitrose has been rated as the worst major online food retailer by a new study.

A recent survey examined the qualitative value and durability of fresh produce produced by British grocers, where Tesco, the country's biggest supermarket chain, was the biggest performer.

A team of 12 undercover shoppers used to order over 1.000 food from six large supermarket chains to check how fresh their food and drinks were.

Each shopper ordered the same 16 perishables in each online grocery store.

It added the total number of full hours that remained in store for each article from the time of delivery to midnight on the expiry date and calculated an average time per grocery.

Tesco had topped the Fresh range with an average shelf life of 11 days.

The supermarket displayed the anticipated shelf life of perishable products on its website, and unlike some rivals, it did not have examples of broken packaging or food which had gone on sale.

Stepping behind Tesco was Asda, which has an average 10.5 days shelf life on all foods, despite being delivering a pack of bacon accompanied with its' best before date 'clause.