Which is the oldest Italian restaurant in North Rend?

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

During your meal in historic North Finish, you may wonder what the oldest Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood is.

The answer seems to be the popular Regina pizza place which was just inaugurated at Thacher Street in 1926 according to Tom Damigella from the North End Historical Society.

As for the restaurant, it retains the character of the original: the brick construction has similar configurations of booths and features no moving ovens.

As for its premises, the restaurant retains its old character: The brick building has many identical brick-shaped booths where the original oven has not been moved.

The Thacher Road site was founded by Luigi D'Auria, and upon his death he turned over the business to a relative who is thought to be his grandson.

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Currently, Polcaris hosts 12 Regina pizza bars and two Polcaris Italian restaurants.